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Old Concepts

This is what this story would have looked like if I hadn't really changed much from the "Cloronve Era".


PLOT:This is a story about a cyborg kid, April, who finds a giant building in pretty much the middle of nowhere. Nobody in the universe knows what it's for or how it got there, let alone about its existence. April goes in, hoping to find someone to help her back to the city, but it turns out she can't get back out. She meets a bunch of robots and people of different species/races, and soon uncovers the mystery of the building. Also, the building's breaking due to some imbalance in the system.

Yeah, the plot's pretty simplistic, even for something that was supposed to be some RPG Maker game. I guess this is also more of a "man vs. nature" sort of plot. Anyways, this was the start of it all.

GENRES: adventure, comedy, sci-fi,