Did some MAJOR layout updates to Mydan's page. Removed the separator images because I should make proper ones. Added an image for Ruwei's character section.

Updated Mydan's page. Added a 'Links' sub-section to the 'About' section. Added 1 more character description. Added a 'CURRENTLY...' section.

Updated Mydan's page. Replaced the image in the 'About' section, tried adding a divider image, and updated the 'Characters' section altogether. Also added a link to blog posts relating to this universe.

Added a thumbnail image to the one of the titles of Title Index section in the home page. Links are now present in their respective titles. I finally added a heading for this section, too.

Edited the page for project Steel House together and added a link to it in the index. Updated the layout of the 'Not Found!' page

Added the page for my Cosmic Loneliness project. I've also decided to add links to these update logs. Continued the second paragraph of the about section.

Updated the look for the link to project Mydan's page. Also added a little view counter!

Created a link (and an iframe box) to all the credits for things that I didn't create. You can see it on the main homepage, too.

Added more sections including: 'Title Index' and 'Creator' to the index. Also put in some 'Return to top' buttons on the index.

Finally got started and finished a good amount of the 'About' (encore) section.

Officially starting the new layout & stuff. Began creating the main index/homepage. Added 'About' section and sidebars. Added project Mydan's page.