It is the age of intergalactic travel and the colonisation of planets. Within that universe is a place, just like any other in the vast cosmos, where life thrives and humans like us and other alien races alike live in harmony...
...Here are the stories of Star Piaros!

The basics of the stories set in this universe are all here!

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Side Effects of Cosmic Loneliness

Steel House in the Prairie




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As you may know already, this website is about a collection of stories set in a little sci-fi universe. Since this is still a relatively new sort of thing, there isn't much to it right now... least, when it comes to what I've already put out there. Anyways, many thanks for showing interest in my stuff and I hope you enjoy what I've got to share!

The sorts of things you'd find on this site would include the following
Project basics
relevant links
character summaries
extra art & other media
Other stuff

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Mydan: Post Beginnings
Comic (2022-present)
Action-adventure, comedic, long-ish story

Side Effects of Cosmic Loneliness
Comic (2022-present)

Comedy, sci-fi, comic shorts, slice-of-life, casual

More to come...?
Projects are underway!

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Me in 2020 dressed as my character, Eyn

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The Creator :D

So, it started in middle school when I wanted to try make a little action-adventure video game about a kid that gets lost in a giant building full of robots and aliens. But, I never knew how to make games and felt too lazy to actually learn how to make games. ...Or have the ability to lead a team to create a one. And so, I've decided to get on to just making comics instead!

Since then, I've come up with many concepts for stories and I bet that I'm going to keep coming up with story ideas both for both in and out of this universe. The stories that I'm writing, as well as planning on writing, range from small and simple to big and complex, and I'm just really happy that I'm finally getting started somwhere in this field. Anyways, once again, thanks for visiting this site!